2016 AGM – Nominations and Volunteers Needed!

Join us for our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 27th at Shubie Park’s Fairbanks Centre to learn about our awesome paddling events, pool sessions, and other initiatives we have been organizing for you as members over the past year. We will also be organizing a paddle at 12:30 pm before the AGM on the beautiful Shubenacadie Canal. We look forward to seeing you there!

We are looking for nominations for the following board positions from our awesome members: President, Director of Canoe Instruction, Director of Environment, Director of Kayak Instruction, Director of Mapping, Director of Promotions, Director of SUP Instruction, Member at Large, Secretary, and Treasurer. Please send your nomination with a seconder in combination with a short statement about your passion for paddling and why you would be good for the position to canoens@sportnovascotia.ca.

Additionally, we will need volunteers for the AGM and the paddle. Please contact our Administrator, Madeline Lawler in the CKNS office if interested over email at canoens@sportnovascotia.ca or by phone at (902) 425-5450 ext. 316.