CKNS Grants and Bursaries

Stewiacke River 2012 02 reducedCanoe Kayak Nova Scotia, as part of it’s mandate, provides funding to provincial events and clubs that promote recreational paddling. Also, to encourage participation in Paddle Canada skill and instructor courses though bursaries and promoting courses in Nova Scotia. Before applying for a grant please read our Planning the Way- CKNS Strategic Plan to make sure your event or club is inline with the goals of CKNS.

Grant and Bursary Application Documents

Make sure that you download and read all of the documents relating to the CKNS grant/bursary application process. Your application will be returned without consideration if it is not complete.


Description PDF
Grant Application Guide Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg
CKNS Grant Application Form Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg
CKNS Logo Acceptable Use  Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg
CKNS Event Safety Form Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg


Description PDF Updated
Bursary Application Guide Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg May 7th, 2015
Bursary Application Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg May 7th, 2015