White Water Kayaks

Rob Holden @ The WhopperCanoe Kayak Nova Soctia responded to a lack of white-water kayaks in the province and has decided to provide white-water boats for rent to instructors and CKNS members in order to foster the development of the discipline in the province. The cost of $15 per day for the boat, paddle, helmet, throwbag, PFD & skirt.

Cost: $15 / day**
What you get: Kayak, Skirt, Helmet, PFD, Throwbag, Paddle
Who can rent: CKC/PC Instructors and CKNS Members

** Payment is due when the equipment is picked up please e-mail admin@ckns.ca to reserve a boat

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CKNS Rental Agreement Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg June 26th, 2013