2024 Canoe Courses!

1. Lake Intro Instructor Course – 10-12 and 17-19 May 2024 – Maskwa Aquatic Club – Halifax

Looking forward to restarting “canoe school” for instructors. Brian Anderson will be the Instructor Trainer. There is opportunity to be mentored as an Instructor Trainer under Brian – email [email protected] if you are interested. Cost $350 + Paddle Canada Instructor fees. 

2. Lake Intro Course – 19 May 2024 - Maskwa Aquatic Club – Halifax

As part of the Instructor course, the Instructor Candidates will be running an Intro course. $80. [email protected]

3. Paddle Canada Youth Paddling Grant – Applications are now open for 2024 https://www.paddlecanada.com/youth-paddling-grant/ Youth, up to the age of 18 may apply for a small grant to help pay for their fees on a Paddle Canada course. Alternatively, a group representing youth could apply for a small grant to help hire a Paddle Canada instructor to deliver a course to their group.

4. Rod Lake’s Paddle Making Course – 4 Apr – 9 May 2024 - Timberlea https://ckns.ca/paddle-making-workshop-2024 only $50 for CKNS members.

5. Scouting Leaders and Senior Youth – Leadership/Mentorship Camp – 28 Jun – 7 Jul 2024 – Camp Nedooae, Elderbank Specific dates of courses are being finalized. There will be Lake Intro, Canoe Waterfront Instructor, and Big Canoe Leader courses. If not filled with Scouts, will open up to others. There is opportunity to be mentored as an Instructor Trainer.

6. Intro Moving Water Course – 13-14 Apr 2024 – Some great river on NS South Shore https://adventureandsafety.ca/event-registration/?ee=600 join Blair Doyle.

7. Waterfront Instructor Course – CANSPEI – date and location TBD – expect last weekend in May or first weekend in July. Partnership between the Camping Association NS & PEI and CKNS. 20 spots with Instructor Trainers Adam Leuschner and Jimmie White. If not filled with camp staff, will be open to others. There is opportunity to be mentored as an Instructor Trainer.

8. Girl Guides Lake Intermediate Course – 19-21 Jul 2024 – Hardwood Lake Camp, Kings County https://www.facebook.com/share/d1ByDcSd18MVSJap/?mibextid=WC7FNe After 20 Jun 2024 course will open to non-Guiding females. Blair Doyle instructing.

9. Big Canoe Leader Course – TBD in 17-20 May 2024– Southwest Paddlers, Yarmouth

10. Atlantic Bras d’Or / Pitu’paq Big Canoe Brigade – 11-19 August 2024 – Bras d’Or Lake Jointly sponsored by CKNS and the Canadian Voyager Brigade Society (https://voyageurbrigade.org/ ). Planning is for 10 Big Canoe crews with over 100 paddlers from across Canada. If you’re not familiar with Brigades check out this 10 minute video on 2023 Athabasca Big Canoe Brigade included a focus on Land Based Learning and engaging First Nations youth. We aspire to do the same. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/854046229/d9d1e3f4ad

11. Waterfront Instructor Course – Debert– 18-19 May – need Lake Intro Canoe skills as a prerequisite. Contact Jimmie White [email protected]

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