Brian Smith

Member at large

Brian has paddled canoes and kayaks since his early childhood. As a lifelong paddler, Brian’s passion has grown to include; making and repairing his own paddles and boats, racing, and multi day adventures. In addition to racing in big Canoes, Hawaiian outriggers, and Quebec Winter Carnival ice boats, Brian has competed in marathon races throughout western Canada in a tandem canoe.  Most recently, he competed in the longest river race in the world – the Yukon River Quest – and won with his team, the Big Boat, Mixed and Voyageur categories.

As a recreational paddler Brian enjoys participation in Big Canoe Brigades across Canada and has paddled in 7 formal brigades on rivers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and PEI. Brian and his wife Deb can often be found kayaking among the islands near their home on St. Margaret’s Bay.

Brian is presently the Chair of the Canadian Voyageur Brigade Society and became the CKNS Member at Large in 2019.

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