CKNS Portage Committee update #13 -- Fishing Lake - Moose Lake

We had another productive work party on Sunday, the fourth in the series, in the Fishing Lake area of the Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area. We finally restored the 800 m Fishing Lake – Moose Lake carry! So now one can paddle and portage all the way to the ocean at Oyster Pond, or else continue the other way through Hartman Lake to the Flat Lakes and finally to Island Lake. 

Six of us drove to Fishing Lake in three personal SUVs, since the government truck is still out of commission. The morning was cold (my car thermometer read –6 C), and there was hoar frost everywhere. We paddled the length of Fishing Lake and walked the unfinished portage to Moose Lake, improving it as we went. We realigned as short section near Moose lake, since the old trail was quite wet. Near the Moose Lake terminus, we left a few large fallen trees on the ground in order to discourage illegal ATV use in the winter.

There is still some work to be done at Moose Lake. This small Y-shaped lake, about 1.5 km in length, needs to be checked for campsites and, if there are none, for possible new campsite locations. Also, we need to check for a suspected short carry to Little Rock Lake and to realign the short carry across Lays Lake Road to Mud Lake..  To be continued..

Dusan Soudek

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