Kevin Gallagher

Director of SUP Development

Kevin has been a lifelong paddler exploring Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada in canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddle (SUP)boards. Paddling has played an important role in his life with many family canoe and kayaking trips, paddling on Lake Banook, and in recent years SUPing.  He is a former sea kayak guide and current kayak instructor with Paddle Canada, most recently participating in the Paddle Canada SUP program. 

After being a member of CKNS and Paddle Canada for years he is enthusiastic to be on the CKNS Board and contribute to the Nova Scotia paddling community as a volunteer. He has a passion for SUP in Nova Scotia and believes there is incredible potential for the growing discipline on Nova Scotia’s many lakes, rivers and coastal areas.   He is interested in supporting the SUP paddlers in all disciplines and experience levels of:  surf, touring and recreational SUPing, as well as supporting more opportunities for new paddlers in the stand-up paddling(SUP) community.

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