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Level One Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Course

Saturday, August 3, 2019 (All day) to Sunday, August 4, 2019 (All day)

This location is 45 minutes from Halifax, and offers beautiful sheltered coves plus the option of poking out into more exposed waters near Polly's Cove and Dover Island. You may even see the Peggy's Cove lighthouse down the coast.

Level One is a two-day course that moves participants beyond flat water kayaking and into the adventure of sea kayaking. Parts of the course are conducted in slightly wavier waters than Basic Kayak, aiming to develop the paddler’s comfort in class-1 waters. There is a strong focus on re-entry techniques as well as the skills required to safely plan and execute a day trip with friends (for example, navigation & route planning, weather interpretation, proper clothing/gear.) No previous training required - send me a message if you are wondering if this course is for you!

The course will run with a minimum of 3 participants, and a maximum of 6.
Course fees: $200 for the 2 day course, no tax.

Please note, this course generally costs $300 plus tax at other outfitters, but I am making an exception because you need to supply your own kayak and gear. It is the same quality and certification as provided elsewhere.
Successful completion of course will provide participants with a Paddle Canada certification in Level One Sea Kayaking.

You will need:
a sea-worthy sea kayak (ask me if you're not sure) a paddling PFD, with whistle, paddle, pump/bailer, and 15m of buoyant line.
Bring a compass if you have one.
Pack your own lunch, snacks, water bottle, sun block, paddling clothing/hat, booties, etc. We will be immersing in ocean water. (fun!)
MEC rents sea kayaks.

You will learn:
How to safely plan and execute a day trip in sheltered coves and bays in Nova Scotia, including judgement of weather, understanding marine forecasts and how that will affect choosing your paddling location.
Boat design, the difference between types of sea kayaks and paddles, and how to choose your own kayak.
Intro to navigation, marine charts, compass work, and how to understand the marine forecast.
Boat control:
efficient forward stroke, reverse, and sweep strokes for turning.
Draws, both sculling and T-draw (moving sideways), and hanging draw.
Stern rudder - and when and why you will combine all of these strokes.
Cold water safety, paddling clothing, paddling with a group/group dynamics and paddling etiquette, judgement of conditions and safety as a whole.
Wet-exits: Capsizing on purpose to feel prepared and know what to expect.
Assisted rescues - rescue your friend and be rescued - we can go over a few different methods.
Self-rescues - so fun! We will focus on the paddle float method, but if time allows I will teach you the cowboy.
Edging for boat control.
Bracing to avoid a capsize.
Contact towing.

This is a terrific course - by the time you're done, you will feel prepared to start having your own adventures!

CONTACT: Eleanor - Sea Kayak Instructor, Nova Scotia
902-404-8206 or [email protected]

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This event takes place on unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Mi’kmaq People. We are all Treaty People and have responsibilities to each other, this land and these beautiful waters.
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