Mike Parrott

Member at large

Mike took his first canoe course and did a multi-day canoe trip with a Scouts group in in Kejimkujik.  That love of tripping continues today, especially in the high waters of spring and fall, and is often influenced by fly fishing opportunities.  He recently completed his Paddle Canada level 2 Sea Kayaking certification.

Mike and his wife Krystle are the proud new owners of Old Creel Canoe & Kayak, an independent local paddle sports retail store.  It's where he purchased his first canoe when his father became reluctant to continue patching the family canoe every spring.  An active volunteer, he is currently the President of the WAAA who support outdoor recreation and sport and improve and maintain the Charles L. McDonald Sports Park in Waverley.  He has formerly spent five years on the Halifax Regional Ground Search and Rescue team.

He is a strong believer in sport and activity, safe paddling (having the right gear and knowing how to use it), Leave No Trace principals, and protecting our natural areas.  Please feel free to contact him to discuss ways of creating paddling opportunities for everyone.

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