Templeton Sawyer

Vice President

Templeton Tyler Sawyer, a Youth Advocate who believes in education and success. He Attended Anatol Rodgers High School in the Bahamas. He is described as a student of excellence. Templeton was the Head Male Student Administrator of his School with 700 plus students, building them as the next Leaders for the Now Generation in the world changing Society. Templeton was the Former Administrator and Ambassador at the Chamber of Commerce & Employers Confederation for the SKY E-learning Program in the Bahamas.

In 2016 of June Templeton received the public-school scholar’s award to further his studies at Holland College in Prince Edward Island Canada. He graduated with his Associate diploma degree in Marketing & Advertising Management, He sat on the Board of Governors for his College which is the governing body for the College and Student Program Business Representative. Mr. Sawyer is currently in Halifax Nova Scotia to complete his bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, minoring in Non-profit leadership at Mount Saint Vincent University. He is currently actively involved on his campus: In his first semester at the mount he was the Residence Advisor and second semester Vice President Communication for the Students Union.

Templeton is passionate about leaders growing hence starting his official Podcast called: "Tweet the Leader in You". A platform that is designed to grow and help leaders to develop from career advice, leadership tips, advocacy awareness and so much more. He is currently working as an Employment Specialist Practitioner at Teamwork Cooperative under the government of Nova Scotia Works. Passionate is one word to describe this young man of excellence.

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